Lights From Jerusalem

Like Holy Woman, the stories in this volume both fascinate and inspire. Its wisdom is gleaned from: a paralyzed educator who writes books with his eye movements; from a mother of 14 children who feeds 200 guests every Shabbos; from 75 orphans in Calcutta; from a Nobel Prize winner; from a Jerusalem Kabbalist; and from a colorful cast of characters whom the author has encountered in her epic spiritual journey.

Authored from her 900-year old home in Jerusalem, Sara Yoheved Rigler’s writings plumb the depths of human nature and aim toward the heights of spiritual aspiration. Her own 17 years of seeking took her from Brandeis University in the turbulent sixties around the world until, in 1985, she heard an Orthodox rabbi speak about “love of God.” That led her to Jerusalem, where she was amazed to discover the depths of Torah Judaism.

In the more than 50 selections in this book, Sara Yoheved Rigler shares with the reader her ever-fresh wonder and love for the transformative power of Judaism. One of the most masterful writers in the Jewish world, she keeps the reader glued to the page. And from the page, she catapults the reader upward.


 I just finished your Lights from Jerusalem and wanted to thank you for writing it! It’s a breath of fresh air to read a work so clear, inspiring and intelligent.

Malka Simmons

I have noticed that the effect of so many of your descriptive spiritual observations and explanations is exponential when put together in a book. Much more powerful than even reading them week after week on Really, this is just what the Jewish world needed. You take high spiritual concepts and digest and concretize them so all of us can relate and act on them in our own ways in our own lives. Invaluable! OK, I know I’m gushing…. I’m a big fan.

Stephanie Savir