Battle Plans

Battle Plans provides 54 practical methods to overcome the yetzer hara (negative inclination) in all its disguises: depression, anger, desire, frustration, laziness, resentfulness, criticalness, boredom, jealousy, greed, worry, egotism, etc. Drawing on the wisdom of Torah sages throughout the ages – Rabbi Yehudah Lowe, the Maharal; Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, author of Mesillas Yesharim; Chassidic masters and great Mussar personalities – Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller and Sara Yoheved Rigler combine profound scholarship with a deep and insightful understanding of our lives to give us effective, practical strategies to defeat the enemy within us.

The book comes with the “Battle Plans Quick Rescue Guide,” a laminated card to keep with you, so that whenever the yetzer hara strikes, you can quickly refer to the card (“When you are feeling______use Battle Plan #___ on page___ ) to speedily find the appropriate strategy to win your inner battles.


“If I had to leave behind my whole library and take only two books, one would be the Chumash and the other would be Battle Plans.”

Rachel Chava Schlossman – International Consultant

“This sefer is truly a masterpiece!”

Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen

“Rebbetzyn Heller is one of the most outstanding thinkers and teachers of this generation. Mrs. Rigler is one of the most impassioned writers. Their teamwork has produced a work of extraordinary importance for English-speaking Jewry.”

Rabbi Leib Kelemen

“Battle Plans is my favorite book of all time. It is a brilliant and easy-to-use guide to overcoming frustration, depression, anger, addictive behavior- the yetzer hara in all of its forms and guises. Rebbetzin Heller and Sara Yoheved Rigler have managed to take the loftiest ideas of the Ramchal, the Maharal, Rebbe Nachman, and other Chassidic and Mussar masters, and translate them for the modern reader into an extremely practical, readable and even entertaining guide to tikkun hamidot. Since reading Battle Plans for the first time (I am now on my third reading) I have used many of the “Battle Plans” suggested in the book, and have found them easy to use and incredibly, even wondrously, effective. On my site,, I have listed Battle Plans as the Number One resource for Jewish mothers. I could not recommend Battle Plans more highly.”

Chana Jenny Weisberg