The Kesher Wife Workshop

The Kesher Wife Workshop teaches a set of tools, based on Torah principles, for Jewish women to rekindle the ardor in their marriages. This 3 ½ hour workshop presents the model of The Kesher Wife. Through scripted drama, guided visualizations, and innovative exercises, the workshop participant learns how to eliminate the behaviors that drive husbands to flee from their wives (to the internet, work, etc.). She also learns techniques to create a marriage that feeds both partners spiritually and emotionally.

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“Although I have not attended the Kesherwife Workshop, reliable people who have attended it report that the seminar is Torah-based and will help many marriages. Shalom bayis is the #1 challenge and priority for our community. May Hashem grant Mrs. Rigler success in protecting Klal Yisroel’s mikdash-me’at.”

Rabbi Leib Kelemen

“Sara Rigler’s Kesher Wife Workshop was not only a fun, intelligent experience, but it also provided me with doable, user-friendly Shalom Bayis tools that have brought more joy to my marriage.”

Rachel Reissman, Certified Life Coach, married 22 years

“What a great workshop! … I think every woman, and husband, will gain so much from it.”

M.J., Jerusalem, married 15 years

“The presentation was outstanding. The creativity, props, practical steps to accomplish the goals, and the incredible amount of information given over—all contributed to an amazing experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

R.J.,Baltimore, married 4 years

The workshop made a real impact here in Teaneck. How my husband is benefitting! The other day he left the house saying, ‘I love my life, I love you.’”

T.M., Teaneck, married 9 years