The Holy Woman Foundation

Sara Yoheved Rigler is co-founder and president of the Holy Woman Foundation [see ], which is dedicated to helping indigent children in Jerusalem. Specifically, the Holy Woman Foundation assists 102 little girls (first to eighth grade) in Ohr Batya, an elementary school for girls from impoverished and dysfunctional families, located at 21 Rehov Ezra in the Bucharin section of Jerusalem. Some 80% of your donation goes to provide hot lunches for these children. For some of them, it is their only nutritious meal of the day. The remaining 20% goes for an afternoon program that includes tutoring, music, art, home ec, and, as needed, art therapy or music therapy. HWF also helps with the manifold other needs of these children.

Sara Yoheved says:

“The Holy Woman Foundation is staffed by me and three of my friends—American women living here in Jerusalem. We are all volunteers, so none of your donation goes to “resource development.” Rather, 98% of your donation ends up as food in the stomachs of these little girls or as shoes on their feet or as glasses on their eyes. I invite you to visit our school next time you’re in Jerusalem. Come on one of the two days per week we provide hot lunches, and witness for yourself the excitement of the girls—not for a visiting celebrity or a puppet show, but for FOOD!”

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